About me

Hi! My name is Alex Villapalos. I was born 32 years ago, in Madrid (Spain). I studied a degree in Computer Engineering at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I build webs and whatever I can imagine. 8+ years working as Software Engineer in companies like Kado Networks, Destinia or Indra, leading teams without stop programming, with the focus always put on the business.

I’m passionate making ideas happen and creating solutions, passing across all the business steps, from DevOps, Backend, Frontend… development, up to treat with client directly to know the needs in order to learn and improve the product.  Comerciame emerged from this passion.

Expert in Vue.js and Nuxt.js with TypeScript, I’ve also worked with Node.js, Python, PHP, but I adapt effectively to other language/framework/whatever

Hexagonal Arq - SOLID
Testing - CI/CD
AWS - Docker
Microservices - Git
2020 – 2022

Lead Client Engineer at Kado Networks

With my team, we have built from scratch the web and web-app with Nuxt.js, TypeScript y pure CSS. I’ve been the manager of Android/iOS app created with Flutter and I’ve contributed to the Backend, developed with Python.

2016 – Currently

Founder at Comercia.me

Personal project that my mate @Txumari and I still maintain. It’s a fork of Saleor adapted to our needs. Backend with Django/Python and part of Frontend with React.js. Businesses like Barre and Baby, Margot Velura o Urbemotos trust on us.

2016 – 2020

Lead Developer at Destinia

I developed mostly Backend with PHP, working with millions of rows in DB, optimizing time when obtaining the data.
I led the B2B white labels’ team. They used our technology, adaptable to the each client need.


IT Consultor at Indra

Project management for Mapfre, using Clarity PPM tool.


Android Developer at Deexme


Entrepreneur at Parque Científico de Madrid

With my university mates, we launched NFCook project, which offered an automated solution for restaurants management, all through contactless NFC technology. Parque Científico de Madrid selected us to promote the project and we were trying to move it forward for 2 years.


Web/Apps Freelance Developer

I’ve created several custom webs/tools/apps using Nuxt.js, Symfony, WordPress, Android or iOS. Some examples are Accicast o Socinfo.